February 2019

Pros And Cons Of Microfeathering

Fashion and all cosmetic related things have become a way for people to connect with their inner styles, which are brought to life. Fashion allows one to express them and show each individual’s creativity and uniqueness. But when you are making a fashion statement, it does not solely depend on the clothes that you wear. Accessories make up and even the way that you wear your hair is also a huge factor as to how you look. The eyebrow feather stroke procedure, believe it or not, will help you make a statement, as your face will be very eye catching. However, if you get the procedure done incorrectly, then you might look like a walking disaster and that is not what you are aiming for right?

The advantages of microfeathering

Time – You will be saving a lot of time when it comes to make up when it concerns on shaping and filling out your eyebrows. You will be able to focus on other areas of your face rather than having to focus on the eyebrows. Microfeathering will however, look natural and not like that you have actually drawn your brows with a pencil. The look you want – With all make-ups that there is readily available in the world, you will have various brands and types of eyebrow make up available. Certain ones will look very natural to you, whilst some might make you look like you have drawn them with a crayon. You will effortlessly look natural. Self-care – Many individuals feels stressed out when it come to how they look and their beauty routine. Nowadays not everyone has a lot of time to spend on him or herself because life keeps everyone very busy.

The disadvantages of microfeathering

Outgoing trend – Similar to technological trends going out of style, even beauty trends can go out of style when you least expect it and quite quickly. Let’s say that you go to the best eyebrow feathering Sydney clinic and get it done. In a week’s time, there is a new trend and turns out microfeathering have gone out of style. You might not be able to change to the new style until microfeathering wears out which can actually last for up to 18 months. Pain – You might feel a little bit uncomfortable when you feel the pain of the blades that cut your epidermis. You can always use a numbing cream but once it wear off you will feel he pain. Money – Cosmetic procedures are not cheap. They are constantly increasing in price as well. You might need to consider the number of times you want to get microfeathering done and also the costs as well. Weigh the pros and cons of microfeathering carefully before you make the final decision.