Hair Care Tips For Busy Women:

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Working everyday can make it difficult for women to take good care of their hair. But we all know that there is no excuse for not looking good and feeling good while doing your job. Whether you are working in the office or in the field, you can always look your best by following these hair care tips that we are about to share.

Always keep your hair clean and smelling fresh- Our daily commute and constant exposure to dust, dirt and sunlight can cause our hair and scalp to smell bad. To prevent this from happening it is important that we shampoo our hair everyday to make sure that people around us won’t get turned off with the smell of our hair and scalp. For emergency purposes you might want to consider buying a few spray bottles of dry shampoo to keep your hair smelling fresh and clean 24/7.

Have a low maintenance hair cut- If you are always in a rush to get into the office early in the morning then it would be a good decision to cut your hair short making it easier for your to maintain. Visit your hair stylist Sunshineand discuss what kind of hairstyle would work for you. Choose a haircut that will make you look a few years younger and will bring out the best of your facial features.

Dry your hair before leaving the house- Allowing your wet hair to dry on its own is something that you should not be doing all the time. Wet hair can cause hair damage in the long run and if it happens then you will need to visit a trusted hairdresser to have your locks undergo treatment. You should also have the discipline yourself to wake up earlier so that you will have enough time to fix your hair before heading to the office. If you are unable to wake up early in the morning then you can shampoo and dry your hair before going to bed in the evening.

Protect your hair from harmful UV rays- Too much of everything including sunlight is not good for us. It can cause our hair to become dry, weak and brittle that can be hard to treat. Another thing is that too much sun can cause split ends which does not look good on your hair. You can prevent extensive damage by using hair colour Moonee Ponds such as wide brimmed hats, scarves and even umbrellas are very useful whenever you are planning to spend some time outdoors. Applying a leave on conditioner with UV protection also helps a lot.